Dear Billy and Mary Ann, I would like to send you this email to thank you both for being such nice people! After dealing with lots of Cavalier breeders, it was nice to meet you and get to know you. Joy is such a wonderful addition to our family, and I am so happy that I got him. I would definitely return to you for any Cavalier that we plan to add to our family someday.  Sincerely, Leslie

Dear Mrs. Humphreys, Enclosed are a few pictures of little Maggie. As you can see, she really likes her ting bone and her fleece bed. She is a dear and I love her very much.  My Best, Susan

My name is Chad and our friend Julie purchased a Cavalier from you last Christmas as a gift for our family. I wanted to send you a picture of her with our son. We think she is great. Thanks again for a great addition to our family!!  Chad

Mr. Jiggs is quite the Cavalier - We really are enjoying him. He's learned some cute tricks of his own plus the ones I've taught him. Let me know about the TRI color female puppy when she gets here. Regards, Ruby

Dear Mary Ann, Enclosed are some pictures of our Shane and Logan. Those two together are little devils! They play and run, and give us so much love!  Thank you, Harriet

Chester is my AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel born on May 17, 2004. I adopted him from Mary Ann Humphreys at Hickory Hill Farms in Fredericksburg, VA on Sat, July 24, 2004 when he was 9.5 weeks old.  Monica,  http://www.dilettante.info/chester.htm

My husband and I have one of Danielle's puppies from her August litter. We were wondering if you were going to breed her again. We have a girl from that litter and were hoping for a boy from Danielle....  We love how sweet our Bella’s face is and her temperament is amazing. She's perfect! If you aren't going to breed Danielle again, let us know. We are still interested in a male. We are looking to get one in the next 2-3 months. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon! Jessica